Information about the 11 th International Unicycle Marathon Competition
at the 28 th of April 2013 in Duesseldorf/Germany


Registration at the end of this page!

Within the city Marathon event „METRO Group Marathon Duesseldorf“ our local Unicycle Club „RMSV Frisch auf Duesseldorf e. V.“ is already for the nineth time the organizer of the official separate unicycle competition which is the only event of this kind all over the world. More than 80 unicyclists from Germany and abroad had registered in 2012. Here you have the unique opportunity to ride in front of more than 400,000 excited spectators without caring about traffic lights and rules right across the city center and some suburbs of Duesseldorf. For the unicyclists with german passports this competition is the nineth official national marathon championship. Unicyclists from outside Germany are very welcome.

All information of “METRO Group Marathon Duesseldorf” are valid also for unicyclists unless you will find different information here.

Unicyclists of minimum 16 years (relevant = year of birth = 1997) which are able to ride the 42.195 km Marathon distance on a unicycle within maximum 4.30 hours have to register twice, i. e. first under

and afterwards under

All changes of your registration have to be reported to both organizing parties too! All members below 18 years confirm with their registration at the same time that their parents are in agreement with their participation.

You can participate in one of the two different disciplines:

Standard Competition” with technical limitations as max. 28”x 1,75” tyre (diameter of max. 72.5 cm) crank arms of min. 114 mm and 1:1 fixed gear. (In doubt the data printed on the tyre are relevant)

Unlimited Competition” without any major technical limitations. Just for statistical reasons we will monitor the wheel diameter, length of crank arms and the use of a gear box (“Schlumpf”).

Pedals made of metal and any devices to fix the feet on the pedals are not allowed for any unicycle. All unicycles have to be equipped to avoid any risk for other participants. All unicycles are controlled accordingly before the start by the organizer.

Within the “Standard” and “Unlimited” competition there will be three different age groups for men (< 40 years, > 40 years, > 50 years) and only one for women (relevant year of birth only).

The three fist participant of each of the eight different competition groups will be honoured and will receive a prize. Moreover you will receive a special prize if undercutting one of the track records. The best participants with a german passport will receive a national jersey and will get the title of a german unicycling champion.

The times are measured with the Chronotrack system by using one-time transponders. The individual net times (from crossing the starting line up to crossing the finish line) are the base for all rankings except the track records. For all track records the gross time (from starting signal to crossing the finish line) are valid. Therefore all candidates for undercutting one of the track records should start from the front line. The track records are: women Standard: 2:06:52 by Linda Kirner in 2009, women Unlimited: 1:50:53 by Nadine Wegner in 2011, men Standard: 1:43:16 by Christoph Hartmann in 2009, men Unlimited: 1:22:18 by Christoph Hartmann in 2012 (= world record).

It is mandatory to wear a helmet and gloves, recommended are protectors for knees and elbows too. Each unicyclist participates at his own risk. The organizer will nevertheless negotiate an insurance contract covering all unicyclists. If you have left your unicycle you have to climb on again within 25 meters.

Registration fee varies between 54 and 95 EUR depending on the time of registration. Registration has to be made before the 14 th of April 2013. You have to pick up your starting number the day before, just in exceptional cases in the early morning before starting.

As this event is primarily an event for runners and we are on the same track with them the unicyclist who need more than 2:20 hours will have to give priority to the top runners, i. e. leave the ideal “blue line” on the street for the runners if required. No one of the top runners should have any disadvantage due to the participation of the unicyclists. As in the last years we were not able to avoid that unicyclists are crossing the finish line together with top runners we are now obliged to use a separate finish line (close to the runners one) just for unicyclists. All unicyclists have to follow the directions of any of the officials.

The track is the same for runners and unicyclist with one exception: After about 3 km all handbikers and unicyclists will continue to go straight ahead, make an U-turn and will ride back the same road to join the runner`s track again after about 5 km.

All participants agree that their personal data and results are transferred to METRO Group Marathon and the local press.

Start will be at 8:45 a. m. from “Rheinterrasse” (just after the handbikers), the award ceremony will be held at 12.45 a. m. at “Burgplatz”.

Probably we will offer accomodation in our gym at a price of 10 EUR/person w/o breakfast. Moreover it is intended to organize a common dinner for all unicyclists the night before.

In any case of misunderstanding the detailled information in german language is valid.
So please ask beforehand if there are any doubts.

I agree to all given specifications and want to enter the contest: